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our story.

Unveiling a vodka steeped in the rich tapestry of family heritage, Nuvé Vodka is an extraordinary spirit that encapsulates generations of passion, dedication, and distilled wisdom. Crafted with utmost reverence and respect for tradition, this remarkable spirit pays homage to the time-honoured recipes and techniques passed down through our family lineage. Across three generations, the art of alcohol manufacturing has been meticulously passed down, generation after generation, from ancestors who held the sacred knowledge close to their hearts. From the humble beginnings of the first generation, who carefully honed their craft through trial and error, to the second generation, who refined and perfected the techniques, and now, to the third generation, who carry the responsibility of preserving and innovating upon the family legacy

our family history.

Our first generation of artisans meticulously crafted their cherished spirits, honing their skills in the early 1900s in Latvia and Germany. With every batch, they poured their heart and soul into perfecting the art of alcohol manufacturing, never knowing that their labour of love would become the foundation for a legacy that would be passed down through generations.

From there their most trusted and passionate apprentice, their oldest son, Henry Peeters exhibited a deep reverence for the craft, a keen eye for detail, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge of spirit manufacturing. Leaving behind his cherished home in Germany, Henry embarked on a transformative journey to Australia, eager to embrace new experiences and weave the threads of his heritage into the vibrant tapestry of our wonderful land of opportunity – Australia. Henry would find himself at Carlton and United Brewery in Geelong where he would become the head brewer for the next 25 years. After CUB closed their Geelong plant, Henry went on to establish the second largest Brewery in Victoria, The Geelong Brewing Co. were for the following 25 years he left his remarkable legacy in beer manufacturing.

It was here in the family business and under the watchful guidance of Henry, his son Adrian Peeters, our Grand Master Distiller, was taught the delicate balance of ingredients, the nuances of fermentation, and the alchemical magic that brought their spirits to life. Henry taught Adrian not only the technical know-how, but also a profound respect for the process and that patience, discipline, and an unwavering commitment to quality were the cornerstones of their craft.

Determined to carry on a cherished inheritance of alcohol manufacturing secrets, Adrian kept alive the family’s unwavering dedication and went to establish Grand Master Distillery.  Fostering an environment where tradition and innovation danced harmoniously, Adrian forged a path towards excellence that would define the family’s legacy. Carrying the hopes and dreams of his ancestors, Adrian vowed to honour them and to continue the tradition, ensuring that their artistry and passion would endure.  In doing so, Nuvé Vodka was born as a testament to the power of tradition, innovation, and the enduring love for the art.


Passed down from one generation to the next, our carefully guarded formula embodies the essence of our heritage, capturing the spirit of our ancestors’ unwavering pursuit of perfection. Every small batch is distilled with an artisanal flair, utilizing time-honoured copper stills that have witnessed the creation of liquid masterpieces for centuries. Our process starts with our hand selected grain, milled on site and the transformation into our fine spirit continues with delicate cooking followed by precisely controlled fermentation. Through a meticulous process of double distillation using a copper pot still and copper 20-plate column, a large band of impurities are stripped away leaving behind a spirit that embodies the essence of our ingredients. Our spirit is then refined to perfection using a ground-breaking and innovative purification process conceived from a combination of advanced technology and family secrets. The result being a truly unparalleled method for refining our spirit to the utmost purity. Devoid of impurities and delivered as the ultra-smooth Nuvé, our spirit is made to please the most discerning palate.

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