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Embrace the pure essence of vodka like never before with a revolutionary new way to savour its untamed allure. Introducing Nuvé Vodka (new-vay) – a new way of vodka made to be sipped – Nuvé is revolutionizing the way vodka is enjoyed. Sipped straight, a game-changing approach that celebrates the pure beauty of vodka in its truest form. Having spent years in development, a combination of strong family history in alcohol creation and modern science were masterfully fused together and an incredibly pure and smooth new way of vodka was born. The essence of Nuvé Vodka lies within a purity and smoothness so remarkable that it requires no embellishment. Free from any unwanted impurities, this exceptional vodka envelops your senses, delivering a smoothness unparalleled in the realm of spirits.

Nuvé Vodka

Nuvé is an Australian hand-crafted expression of super-premium Vodka.

Transforming Australian vodka to the ultimate level of pure sophistication, Nuvé is clean, crisp and refined. A sophisticated taste, matched by its exquisite bottle, Nuvé is set to redefine the world of premium vodka.

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Adrian Peeters

CEO – Grand Master Distiller



Nuvé Vodka is an Australian vodka that proudly stands as a testament to purity and smoothness. A vodka of exceptional character, it is a harmonious symphony of flavours that tell the tale of our family’s legacy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this remarkable spirit embodies the essence of purity, allowing its taste to shine through without the need for any masking. Cast aside the need for mixers or embellishments as you embark on a sensory journey that unveils the depths of this exquisite spirit. With each sip, the velvets smoothness of vodka envelops your senses, unveiling layers of delicate flavours and subtle nuances that glide effortlessly upon your palate. Elevate your vodka experience and revel in the simplicity of its pure beauty – a testament to the allure of this extraordinary spirit that was born from a lineage steeped in passion and expertise. Experience the true character of Nuvé Vodka as it whispers tales of craftsmanship and tradition, leaving a lasting impression that will linger in your memory

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Not All Vodka

Is Made The Same!

The secret behind every Nuvé bottle is a fusion of heritage and science. Our heritage is
embodied in a deep family history of alcohol creation. In every bottle, that proud heritage
is fused with the latest alcohol science to produce an authentic and new way of vodka.
Made from a secret recipe and refined to perfection at our Grand Master Distillery,
advanced quality control systems at every stage of production ensure only the best spirit
reaches our bottles. Using secret purification processes passed down from 3 generations
of ancestors, nothing is added and all nasties are removed, preserving the integrity of our
spirit and resulting in a vodka of unrivalled purity.